Policies and Procedures

Email - Primary Communication

Phone Calls - By Appointment

In Person or Zoom Meetings - By Appointment

Texts - Mid-Travel Communication

Facebook Messenger - Will Be Redirected to Email or Phone Appointment

As business has grown, it has become very difficult to keep track of messages coming in from a variety of sources from multiple clients and I do not want to unintentionally miss a question you send in. Therefore, I respectfully ask that all communications be sent in via email unless you are mid-travel. I am reserving texts for mid-trip communication only. Email messages enable me to keep track of all aspects of your trip and keep everything fully documented as we work on each detail. I want to make sure I am not missing anything from you and that you don't miss anything from me. Outside of emails, I am always happy to set up an appointment for a phone conversation or a meeting for anything more in depth.

This is the best way I can ensure I can keep my quality of service to the outstanding level I intend to provide for all my clients. Making MAGIC is what I do…and I look forward to bringing the MAGIC to your family for many years to come!

What does it cost?

When you book with me, my services are included. I have contracts with the vendors I book, and they pay me, after your trip is complete, when you book through me. (They do not pay me on any work I've done on a trip that gets cancelled.) It is the same price as booking direct. They factor in what they pay me as part of the public price.  If you book direct, you're paying for a service you're not getting. 

If you've already booked directly and now understand the importance of professional assistance in your planning, I will charge a fee, as I would not be paid by the vendor. The fee will be based on the services needed and will be agreed upon before services begin. (Fee starts at $250)