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The personalized itineraries I create for you are specific to YOUR trip, be it Disney, Universal, or a cruise. For Disney and Universal, the advice I provide is different based on resort chosen, method of transportation to the park, time of year, ride capacities per hour, and options that go unavailable the quickest. I also provide strategies to get you onto those hard-to-get rides. Disney and Universal are not one size fits all vacations, and tips and tricks for these are not either. Everyone is going to give you advice. Know that my advice to you is personalized to what fits your family and your vacation, not someone else's.  I also provide the latest information on all festivals and foodie experiences, as the food is my passion!

Trip Plans App

Take a closer look at the high quality, informational Trip Plans App that you'll be getting before your trip.

Things I Do Not Do

I do not take over! This is your vacation, not mine. If there are services I offer as part of the trip planning process that you would prefer to handle on your own you are more than welcome to do so. I love a collaboration! You have the final say in all aspects of planning.

I do not handle flights unless part of an all-inclusive package. I will however coordinate transfers if you'd like, to and from the airport.

I only handle dining and experience reservations at Disney for onsite guests.

I will not book one or two day Disney World tickets without it being part of another vacation booking. I only book stand alone Disney World tickets with a minimum 3 day ticket, with the exception of After Hours or Party Event Tickets, which I will book.

I will not book a one day, single park Universal ticket. The minimum is a 1 day park-to-park ticket or a 2 day single park ticket.

*The reason there are restrictions on what I will and will not book is based on my contract with the vendor. Per my contract with each vendor, these are the minimum requirements that have to be met for them to pay me.